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NATIONAL PRESS: Amanda [print] & Sandra [online] at Freeman PR – UK
REGIONAL PRESS: Mandy Weetch at Momentum PR
US PRESS: Rey at Reybee
Eric Sosa at Monarch Presents [US]
Thomas Lechner at Queerbeat [GE]
Jessica at Radioactive [UK]

13 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Heard you for the first time last night at the Scissor Sisters gig in Leeds and thought you were fantastic! Just bought the album from iTunes! Good luck for the future!!!

  2. love the album hopefully see you in bristol on the 21st. keep it going and i will keep a look out for the next album

  3. Hi there. I was so pleased to be able to come to the Cargo show last week. It was a great show and well worth travelling up from Bournemouth on my lonesome. Would have stayed afterwards but had to run for the last train back. The album is absolutely brilliant but an unsettling listen at times as I can certainly relate to the lyrics in my own journey to find The One. Thanks for the smile Rod. I hope to come to the show in Southampton on Wed.

  4. Have just been introduced to your album today. It is superb. Do you have an email address or agent address I could contact you on? Keep up the amazing work, Lee.

  5. Discovered you today via a Twin Peaks website. Your cover of Falling is so beautiful! One of my all time favorite songs, and this is the best and only worthy cover I’ve ever heard. Would love to buy the song, but I see the B sides and rarities album is out of stock. Is it going to be made available again? A download would be fine, or cd, whatever. Will get the other album too but I really really want the Rarities and B sides.

  6. Absolutely love the 12″ version of “Feel It” – my favorite song of 2012. Just discovered the remix EP today (on my birthday, no less). Thanks for the gift! Continued success to you, Rod… From one of your fans in San Francisco.

  7. Hello – Just read the article in Gay & Night and it says Make Me Believe In Hope is being re-released with some remixes – are there any more details pleaseeeeeeeee – getting all excited again !!!

  8. Hi. I found your album recently and have to say I think it’s really stunning. I’m a massive music fan – player/creator buyer & collector – 2500 CD albums and growing, and i have to say this has to be one of the best albums of the last couple of years no doubt. The song Cry at Films is genius. It’s rare I can listen to a song on repeat and not tire of it but this is one of those I most definitely can. Can’t wait for some more material but if it a similar sound doesn’t come, it’s better to have one amazing album than several mediocre ones like most people. Best wishes, and many thanks for the enjoyment 🙂

  9. Hi. Just bought your album and I am amazed by how brilliant it is! So many of your songs now feel as if I have known them for years! Trying now to buy up as much of the remixes and singles as I can and also stuff on youtube. All the best for the future and can’t wait for new releases.

  10. Just wanted to say Thank You for the Music. I can’t get enough of your stuff. Your music has helped me through some dark days. Without it I don’t think I could have made it. Thank You. Your a beautiful man I have to add. I so hope you will come back to Austin Texas. I’d Love to see you and hear you in person. Keep up the great work. Everything your trying to say in your music is coming through loud and clear. Rowdy

  11. Just got the new CD all the way over here across the big pond — many thanks!

    I wasn’t keen on an acoustic version of MMBIH, but now that I’ve heard the album I know I was entirely wrong. It’s quite lovely.

    But please don’t lose those disco beats altogether!

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